I’m wheezo, a world-first asthma monitoring device launching this year!

wheezo is child friendly, non-invasive, and can detect the presence of wheeze in people diagnosed with asthma before you can.

I can hear wheezes when you can’t (like a stethoscope).

Wheezing is a sign of airway inflammation, but it can be hard to detect, particularly in young children. wheezo can help by giving you an objective reading of your child’s wheeze rate, simply by holding him to their windpipe.

wheezo is not available for sale until receipt of CE Mark.

My app gives you an instant reading.

wheezo links to his own app, and with daily use, will track your symptoms, triggers and medication plan.

Each wheezo can look after four people.

Watch out there’s pollen about!

With regular use, wheezo will learn about your asthma and send you custom alerts for triggers like changing weather conditions.

I can keep your doctor in the loop too!

Use the wheezo app to share results with your GP, which may help them create your personalised asthma plan.

I’m Aussie!
But I’m heading overseas soon.

wheezo was developed by respiratory specialists, Respiri. It was designed to help the 339 million people (85 million children & young people) diagnosed with asthma worldwide.